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Employees Honoring Our GDH Military

Employees Honoring Our GDH Military

Thank you, to the below GDH employees for their military service. We look forward to sharing more names and experiences soon.

Mike Johnson

Matt Pensinger

Shawn Rich

Charles Smith

Rodney Caudill

James Margist

Mike Margist

Willie Coleman

Herbert Griffith

Paul Bradley

Ed Serrano

Josh Becton

Justin Schanz

Jimmy Morales

James Oliver

Robert King

Tony Weaver

Luis Bondoc

Craig Mcleod

Brandon Hammack

David Knight

Jason Dingler

Robert Stone

Tony Carter

Matt Ellen

Jeff Witaszek

Jordan Rueff

Blaine Mcfarland

Christopher Massey

Jason Peacock 

Dillon Redford 

Angel R Lopez 

As Memorial Day approaches, it reminds us to stop and honor the soldiers that have given their lives for our country. We would also like to take a moment and thank GGDC loved ones that are currently serving in our military branches or who have served. Over the upcoming weeks, we encourage all Goldring Gulf employees to submit your years of military service and also your immediate loved ones' service to the Marketing Department. Please include a picture if you have one. Your experiences will be shared on our digital media outlets. 



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