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How to Throw a Beer Tasting Party

How to Throw a Beer Tasting Party

BEER TASTING:  Buy a mix and match pack of 6 different beers - either find a liquor store that lets you mix and match a 6-pack (Rouses) or buy a sampler case.  Prepare the blind tasting with paper and printed labels.  Pour the contents into small cups, one for each guest.  Hand out tasting cards and have your guests see if they can guess which beer is which!

BEER SWAP:  When your guests RSVP, ask each guest (or couple) to bring a 6 pack of their favorite beer.  At the party, allow guests to exchange beers with each other so that each person goes home with 6 different beers than they brought in.  Make sure you, the host, have enough beer to give one bottle to each guest.  Add a special touch to those bottles with customized beer bottle labels!

FOOD:  Any traditional pub foods would be perfect for the party:  chicken wings, sliders, pretzels, popcorn, etc.  I used more kraft paper labels to create party signage for some rolled lunch bags.  The bags match the brown, white, and teal color schemed I ended up with, and I could just toss them in the trash when the party was done.  No bowls or platters to wash!

FAVORS:  In addition to the beer each guest gets to take home, give them with their own dollar store beer stein (like those I used for our Oktoberfest Party last year) to use during the party.  Send them home with a Chocolate Chip Beer Cookie in a stamped treat bag.

DECORATIONS:  Don?t spend too much time or money on the decor so that the beer is the star of the show.  Just be sure to have a party tub of ice for all the beer to stay cool while guests are mingling.  If you would like to dress up the table, you can easily make craft foam stamps to make a beer themed table runner.  If you make the runner out of kraft paper, you can crumple it up and toss it when the party is over.

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